Analytics & Planning

SAP Analytics & Cloud Planning Solution

Redefine your Business and Process with Sales Analytics Cloud. Get five real time Dashboards and Go-Live in 8 Weeks

Explore new business opportunities with the right SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning.

SAP Analytic Cloud Planning is A Must for Modern Businesses

Enjoy a seamless collaborative enterprise planning expedition with SAP Analytic Cloud planning. We present an amalgamation of powerful and the right features that combine your business with SAP Analytics Cloud to ensure smooth planning.

How can Planning for SAP Analytic Cloud help your enterprises?
  • Helps you dive deep and work on your pain points
  • Hunt for potential business advantages
  • Simplify, modify, and digitize business processes
  • Utilize key insights to stay ahead in the market

Evaluate: Share Your Tale

You can enjoy increased access to your data through SAP Analytics Cloud for planning. It offers you features such as setting up customized model data, budgets, easy-to-understand import and export data, distribution, allocation attributes, and forecasts. You have the ability to implement perks if analytic models.

Forecast: Anticipate Your Business Needs With Valuable Insights

Get a better understanding of your future business needs via valuable insights. Important KPIs and predictive forecasting through SAP Analytics Cloud planning can help determine future features required for the organization. You can make useful business decisions with SAP’s smart features. Couple SAP Analytics Cloud for planning with automated machine learning and visualize its positive impact on your business.

Plan: Blueprint of Your Strategy

SAP Analytics Cloud for planning is a guide that can analyze the budget, set allocations, goals, and strategic plans. Compare your actual budget with your forecast and evaluate finances. It can help you determine the right strategy that works for your industry and business goals.

Integrate: Empower Your Data

Link your data securely with SAP Analytics Cloud for planning to acquire live updates of your data. Link it to your firm’s data source to acquire the firm authority of planning and prediction. To access data without any hassle and directly, connect your data with SAP S/4HANA, and avoid duplication

Collaborate: A Hassle-free Process

Utilize the SAP Analytics Cloud Calendar to streamline the planning process throughout the firm. Create, manage, and view tasks through a customized planning process. Set reminders, assign tasks, and review content with your team through this collaboration. The simple Excel integration makes it easy to share files with multiple devices.

Accelerate: Transform Your Business

Explore varied business packages to test individual analytics circumstances. There are several free business libraries that provide tailored dashboards, data models, and stories for diverse business circumstances. SAP Analytics Cloud for planning can be easily combined with SAP S/4HANA. This way, you can gain control of your existing data and implement the best practices.