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Focused Industries


In the modern digital world customers with information at finger tips are making more informed decisions in buying or leasing automobiles. Tek offers a flexible and easy to customize solution for Trade Promotion and Incentive Programs Management. The end-to-end Incentive Planning and Trade Promotion management solutions covers process steps for a series of activities aimed at successful automobile sales.

Energy and Utilities

The Large scale of operation, many processing units dispersed across geographies, complex supply chain demands and there is no downtime operation creates extreme stress for both man and machine. Triquetro’s digitization services brings standardization and cost savings.

Finance and Insurance

Drastic changes in the business models demand Banking and Financial Services Industry (BFS) to re-invent them to cater to their customer needs. Digitization, Analytics, cyber security and advanced solutions are no longer disruptive, but a need to provide customer experience, and risk .

Government and Public Sectors

Citizen-centric programs and smart living solutions require a vision and forward-thinking that technology can bring through cloud computing, enterprise mobility, and analytics. Public engagement, data transparency and IT efficiency of public initiatives and services. It is imperative to offer cost-effective digitization, cyber security, smart decision solutions, and infrastructure and application modernization for the Government bodies.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

A cognitive approach in helping organizations transform their business through digital innovation reimagination in saving lives. Our end to end services offerings in digital health, operational digital transformation, consumer/patient experience help companies deliver personalized, efficient and informed care. We help them in becoming the new face of smart healthcare. Our expertise looks for innovative means of intersection of business and technology to combine clinical, real world experiences and business insights to deliver new digital health world.

Technology and Entertainment

Latest technology has changed the face of media and entertainment industry. The term “entertainment technology” became an exciting year to year. Last few years, VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), AI (artificial intelligence) revolutionize the entertainment industry and becoming the new transformative digital form of tech on global entertainment market. Tek utilizes its expertise to new channels and partnerships to create unprecedented business opportunities. Tek soultions helps business in aligning with user/consumer needs to create delightful and engaging experiences for promotion and education.