Better informed decisions through the power of data

Businesses need to transform to meet the changing demands of a post-pandemic commercial environment. Clariba will accompany you on a journey adapted and sized to your particular situation so that you can get the most out of the new versions and products of SAP Analytics.

Centralized information

Monitor key indicators in real-time via dashboards.

Automatic intelligence

Find the key levers of the business through machine learning technology and make the most appropriate decisions.

Integrated planning tools

Optimize workflows with a single software solution for business planning and intelligence.


Detailed analysis and simulations for a total vision of the business.


Significant improvements in usability, self-service, mobility, and stability. Greater speed and agility, and homogenized design with the SAP product suite.

Instant updates of information from a larger number of sources.

Total security in the cloud since data always resides in the corporate environment.

Improved integration with MS Office.

Integration of Business Intelligence with a planning and prediction environment.

Generation of different scenarios for experts in finance and supply chains.