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TEK Trade Promotion & Incentives Management Solution

Plan, Visualize and Manage Promotion & Incentive Program Budgets 

In the modern digital world customers with information at fingertips, making informed decisions to buy or lease a car.

Manufacturers can now connect with customers directly, transform the traditional selling practices by offering customized incentive programs. Using advanced analytics manufacturers can get deeper insights into customer sentiments and influencing factors for closing a deal with the customer

With this dynamically changing ownership models and competitive incentives landscapes, manufactures and dealers need more tools to manage incentive programs and budgets to dynamically modify programs by gaining insights into customer's preferences to win deals.

Incentive Planning and Trade Promotion management process consists of activities aimed at successful automobile sales which can benefit from improved budgetary controls. Sales promotions and program activity, dealer incentives, promotional campaigns, and many other programs are accurately planned, budgeted, executed and audited for efficacy using our flexible and easy to customize Incentives / Trade Program Management solution.

Our flexible solution offers:

  • Planning Budgets - total allocation of dollars
  • Reconciliation - detailed breakout of budgets
  • Programs – Add and manage initiatives
  • Reports and Publications - chargebacks from distributors and vendors against the program 

Plan and Analyze Promotion Budgets:

Create templates and established budget plans templates. Plan Budget Allocations, Analyze program effectiveness, measure progress and ensure accurate execution which can be tracked by:

Model / VIN / Product

Regions / Zones / Market

Dealer / Zip/ Distributor

Program / Affiliations / Fleet

Planning & Management Workflows:

Create or Change programs, conduct what-if financial analysis, measure and review budget impacts. Review and track changes and manage approvals.:

Planning Workflow

Financial Workflow

Program Changes

Audit Trail and Compliance

Incentives Planning and Management through a set of standard and ad hoc business processes with workflow and analytics

Connect all process steps (activities) and decision events, such as program planning, new incentive model analysis, approval 

Trigger process approvals, notifications and communication workflows where the execution of one task results in automatic initiation of other processes

Seamless Data and System Integration

Add new data sets, integrate budgets from existing ERP system, connect other CRM systems, including external financial

Establish two-way integration with data feeds.

Keep your existing Financial tools for budgets and integrate with new incentive management solution automatically.

Add new programs and import from existing CRM systems and managed metadata.

Track & Manage Spending

Manage incentive payments to dealers and partners. Track and manage program expenditures, reconcile financial and maintain accurate reporting across,

Leverage the TEK Incentives & Promotion Management tool to gain full visibility and maximum control on your budgets and effective incentive programs.

Create Targeted Incentive Programs with Advanced Analytics, AI and Machine Learning

Create customized and targeted incentive plans by gaining insights into customer preferences, social trends, tailored promotional programs:

With access to open data, social media and APIs take a  giant  step from conventional incentive planning by deploying

  • Prescriptive analytics driven approach
  • AI in measuring customer trends and sentiments
  • Digital Incentive Campaigns

 Thank you,
Bharat Sunkari.