Consuming Analytics Cloud Models in Analysis Office

With Analysis 2.5 release, it is now possible to connect and consume SAP Analytics Cloud models into Analysis Office.

Note that the following functions are not supported in Analysis:

  • You cannot plan data.
  • You cannot create exception aggregation on the fly (but you can use exception aggregation defined in the model).
  • You cannot create dynamic calculations rank and rank Olympic.

The following restrictions apply for the SAP Analytics Cloud models:

  • Analysis only supports the usage of the default currency (similar to cloud chart behavior). You cannot access non-converted currencies (similar to a cloud table).
  • You cannot consume defined thresholds from the model definition. In Analysis, you can use conditional formatting and Table Design formatting.
  • Live Data Models are not supported


Step by Step Process

Creating a new connection

  • Launch Analysis and click Select Data Source


  • Right click and under context menu select New SAC connection


  • Provide the SAC logon url ( friendly url format – *


  • Select the required Model