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TEK Leadership Team

TEK Analytics is a fast-growing end-to-end digital transformation and solutions provider working with many leading global organizations including the financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail industries. The company's goal is to provide cost-effective solutions to clients' information management needs utilizing highly skilled and experienced professionals. TEK Analytics has a team of experts with over 125 years of collective leadership experience in delivering quality and cost-effective solutions for their customers.

Bharat Sunkari

Founder & CEO

Meet Bharat Sunkari, the founder and CEO of TEK Analytics. With over a decade of experience as a results-oriented technology architect and recognized thought leader, Bharat has a proven track record of driving organizational change and helping large organizations leverage information and technology to achieve their goals.


Passionate about enabling fact-based decision making and planning through data-driven insights, Bharat is dedicated to helping executives understand their business and develop actionable strategies that drive long-term success. He is committed to delivering value to clients by deeply understanding their needs, providing proven expertise, and delivering results that exceed expectations.


As a trusted partner to clients, Bharat is committed to building long-term relationships based on trust, mutual respect, and ongoing support. By staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices, Bharat and his team at TEK Analytics are able to provide clients with the most effective solutions and help them achieve their goals.


Whether you’re looking to drive organizational change, optimize business processes, or develop data-driven strategies for growth, Bharat and the team at TEK Analytics have the expertise and experience to help you succeed. We’re proud to have Bharat as our founder and CEO, and we look forward to continuing to work with him to deliver value to our clients.

Phil King

Vice President – Strategy & Growth

We’re excited to introduce Philip King, Vice President of Strategy & Growth at TEK Analytics! With close to 30 years of experience driving improved business results on a global scale, Phil is a transformational leader who brings high energy and collaborative approaches to the table. He’s a master of strategic alignment and focused delivery in an ever-evolving global business landscape.

Originally from California and now residing in the Chicago area, Phil has made a significant impact on our organization and has been instrumental in driving our success. In his free time, he enjoys gardening, cooking, golfing, and spending quality time with his family. And let’s not forget his love for the Chicago Cubs – he’s a dedicated fan!

What does Phil appreciate most about TEK? For one, he’s impressed by the entrepreneurial spirit of the organization. This mindset encourages creativity and innovation, which allows the team to stay ahead of the curve in a constantly changing industry. Additionally, Phil values the hands-on and collaborative approach of everyone in the company, from the top down. This approach fosters a strong sense of teamwork and a shared commitment to success.

At TEK Analytics, we’re thrilled to have Phil on our team. His leadership and expertise are invaluable, and we look forward to seeing all the great things he’ll achieve in the future!

Merri Beckfield

Vice President – Strategy, Data & Analytics

Introducing Merri Beckfield, Vice President of Strategy, Data & Analytics at TEK Analytics! With over 25 years of experience in diverse industries, Merri is a seasoned professional who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. She has a passion for all things data and loves to find innovative solutions to complex business challenges. Her ability to fully leverage the value of data is truly exceptional.

But Merri’s interests go beyond just data. She’s a natural teacher and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others to help them achieve their career goals. With years of experience teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, she’s a pro at making complex data-related subjects understandable and accessible to everyone.

In her free time, Merri likes to indulge in a range of hobbies, from reading and learning new things to travelling, gardening, and cheering on the Green Bay Packers.

Merri is a valuable addition to the TEK team, where she appreciates the unwavering commitment to quality and customer success exhibited by every member of the organization. We’re lucky to have her on board and look forward to seeing all the great things she’ll accomplish in the future!

Karthik Addula

Vice President – Technology & Delivery

Meet Karthik Addula, the Vice President of Technology and Delivery at TEK Analytics. As an innovator, technologist, and proven problem solver, Karthik is a key member of our team who is dedicated to helping our clients unlock the full value of their data.

As our chief data and analytics solutions architect, Karthik has extensive experience in digital business transformations and is passionate about designing and delivering end-to-end systems that are aligned with our clients’ business strategies. He provides expert technology recommendations, training, and long-term road mapping to ensure that our clients are well-equipped to achieve their goals and stay ahead of the curve.

Karthik is also our technology solutions evangelist, helping our clients understand the potential of emerging technologies and showing them how to leverage these tools to drive business success. With his deep understanding of the latest trends and best practices in the industry, Karthik is able to offer innovative solutions that help our clients stay ahead of the competition.

At TEK Analytics, we’re proud to have Karthik on our team, leading the charge to help our clients realize the full value of their data. Whether you’re looking to transform your business, optimize your processes, or develop data-driven strategies for growth, Karthik and our team of experts have the skills and expertise to help you succeed.