Consuming HANA Data sources from Power BI Desktop

Consuming HANA Data sources from Power BI Desktop 

Step 1 – Launch Power BI Desktop

Step 2 – Click Get Data

Step 3 – Select databases > SAP HANA database

Step 4 –  Enter the server details and select connection type

Import = Imports the data ( you can also schedule this)

Direct = Executes data on demand whenever a user refreshes the data ( Real-time)

Step 5 – Select type of credentials  and click connect

To use Kerberos Windows AD SSO – Select use my current credentials

To use HANA database user id and password – select database and type user id password

Step 6 –  Upon successful connection, all the Calcviews will be displayed as per authorization

Step 7 – Select the calc view and click load

All the data will be now available for visualizations.