Converting MultiProvider to Composite Provider

Converting MultiProvider to Composite Provider:

Composite Providers are used to combine multiple InfoProviders using Join or Union operations. When you use SAP BW on HANA, one of the InfoProvider should use in-memory database and the data in composite providers can be used for reporting and analysis.

When you use SAP BW with non-HANA database, then BWA is a prerequisite to create Composite Providers. The primary advantage of Composite Providers is that you can create new complex business scenarios by converting an existing InfoProviders.

We can convert an existing Multi Provider to Composite Provider by following procedure.

Log on to SAP BW system and enter the Transaction code: SE38 it takes you to the below Screen.

In the  above Screen enter the Program name RSO_CONVERT_IPRO_TO_HCPR to convert the InfoProvider to Composite Provider and Click on Execute.

Enter the name of the Source InfoProvider and Target InfoProvider.Set the Execution Mode to Tranfer Infoprovider and quries,retain query names. Click on execute .

The following Screen displays all the logs of the Composite Provider.

 Now Active the Composite Provider /change the version M to A.

Hence the Composite Provider is created.

Click on the Display Data to preview.


  • Support of planning functionalities for UNION cases
  • Possibility to create a Composite Provider on top of Composite Providers (only UNION supported)
  • Use of Open ODS views as Source Objects and allowing JOINS to be used
  • Support of navigational attributes (familiar to the use of navigation attributes in MultiProviders)
  • Support of input parameters when Open ODS views are used as source objects.

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