How to create Custom CDS view and Custom Analytical Query using Fiori Apps

Creating a Custom CDS view and consuming in Analytics cloud

Previously I discussed about the CDS view, Types, Architecture and how to create custom CDS views using ABAP development tools. In this blog, I am going to discuss more of an end user approach where Business Users can enhance and create existing CDS views using simple Fiori Apps.


Apps we are going to use

Custom CDS, Custom Analytical Queries, View browser

Please install the above apps and make sure ATO setup is done in the backend SAP system.

Creating Custom CDS view

Launch Fiori Launchpad

Launch Custom CDS view App

Click create

Give name, Label and add Primary data source. Once we add the primary data source and associations if needed

Check ODATA if this CDS, needed to be consumed elsewhere as API

The analytical option can be either cube or dimension type

Select the fields for the cube

Select field properties, here select aggregation, semantics, currency, and associations. This is equivalent to object level annotations we give in eclipse method.

Parameters Tab is not supported in On-prem version 

Assign filters as needed in filters tab

Save draft and Publish the CDS view. Once successfully Published you can view the data preview

You can also view the data and properties of the CDS view using the View Browser app.

Creating analytical query

Launch Custom Analytical Query App.


Click New. Give name and select the custom CDS view created in the above step

Under General, give label for end user display (Description of Query)

Under Fields selection, select fields for the query. By default, measures go into columns and all characteristics under Free char’s.

Under Display select properties for the field.

For measures, we can define scaling factors, decimals, display

  • For characteristics, you can select display type, result suppression, and Row selection

Under Filters, we can define variables/Prompts for the query.

Save and Publish.


Consuming the Query

By default, all the queries created using Custom analytical apps are available in query browser. With Live /Import connection defined between SAC and On-prem, you can consume the query in Analytics Cloud

As of now, I haven’t seen any option to define Planning enabled queries.

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