How to Import Large CSV Files Into SAP Analytics Cloud.

SAP Analytics Cloud, by default maximum upload file size limit, is set to 100 MB for Excel and 250 Mb for CSV. The following procedure is to load larger files and create a model.

Step 1 – Split the large excel file into multiple small CSV file, based on partition object, in this example I used Year and Month

Step 2 – Create a Model based on the first file and save the model in Analytics Cloud

Step 3 – Select the model and click import data as shown in the screenshot below. 

Step 4 – Select the option, “import the data from file.”

Step 5 – make sure the target model is the same you saved in step 1 and select the second source file, click import.

Step 6 – The Model will auto-map, click finish mapping and save the model. (Make sure the import mode is “Appended”)

Repeat the same steps, for all the files.

Sample Story showing all the months and years data.

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