Plan, Visualize, Manage Promotion and Incentive Program Budgets

In the modern digital world customers with information at finger tips are making more informed decisions in buying or leasing products.

Manufacturers can now connect with customers directly, transform the traditional selling practices by offering customized incentive programs. Using advanced analytics manufacturers can get deeper insights into customer sentiments and influencing factors for closing a deal with the customer.

With dynamically changing ownership models and competitive incentives landscapes, manufactures and retailers need more tools to manage incentive programs and budgets to swiftly modify programs by gaining insights into customer’s preferences to win deals.

TekAnalytics offers a flexible and easy to customize solution for Trade Promotion and Incentive Programs Management. The end-to-end Incentive Planning and Trade Promotion management solutions covers process steps for a series of activities aimed at successful product sales. Sales promotions and program activities, retailer incentives, promotional campaigns and many other tasks can be accurately planned, budgeted, executed and audited using TEK-TPIM®.  Get your complimentary whitepaper copy today!! 👉👉

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