Tableau Swapping sheets using parameters

Swapping Sheets Based on Selection 

When users would like to see four measures on a dashboard based on their selection we could leverage Tableau parameters and containers to achieve it.

There are four measures; two are in percent format and rest are in integer formats.

Integer formats can be shown in a pie charts such that each dimension can divide itself into different pie and the entire pie chart can be the whole.

However this depiction of data does not appeal to audience when showing a Percent. Simple bar graphs would be apt to show the percent for different dimensions.

In the below scenario we have 4 measures that users wish to see. RORAC and NIM are percent. Acquisitions Amount and Units are Integers.

This is how the appearance of the dashboard should be.


Final view of the dashboard should be based off the selection:


Creating Sheets:

Create a Pie chart for Acquisitions amount and Total Units. Name the sheet as ‘Pie chart’

Using the parameter called Selection metric, trigger Acquisitions amount or total units field into the angle of pies.


The field named Z in the rows and column shelf is an empty field that enables us to hide the sheets.

This field would be a discrete dimension. (To change the properties a field right click on field name for options). 


Create a bar graph for NIM and RORAC. Name the sheet as ‘Bar Chart’

Using the parameter called Selection metric, trigger NIM or RORAC fields as the size of the bars.


Now we have 2 charts for 4 different metrics.

Based on the selected metric different charts should appear.

Creating calculated fields for hiding different sheets:

Create two calculated fields based on Selection metric parameter.

On for filtering the entire bar chart sheet and other for filtering entire pie chart sheet.

Drag the bar chart filter into filters pane of Bar chart sheet. Select at least and type ‘1’ as value.


Do the same for pie chart. Drag the pie chart filter into the Pie chart graph and so the same.

If the sheet disappears it is because the filter is working and the selection is set to a different parameter. 

Creating a Dashboard: 

  • Open a new dashboard. Drag and drop the vertical container from the objects pane on the left bottom on to the dashboard. 


  • Drag the Bar chart on to the dashboard. Make sure that the fit is set to entire view on the dashboard. This will help the worksheet occupy the entire space on the dashboard.


  • Next Drop the Pie chart on to the dashboard. Make sure you drop the pie chart at the bottom of the bar chart. Make sure that the highlighted space appears on the bottom while dropping. 


  • Change the selection from RORAC to Acquisitions amount or Units. This will give Pie chart.


  • Also make sure the fit is set to Entire view as shown for bar graph.

By this we can give the user to access many graphs depending upon the type of measures they would like to see.