Over the past few years, we have seen numerous organizations look for ways to benefit from a cloud transformation. Common approaches are moving the on-prem SAP BW Data warehouses to a cloud platform (BW/4HANAAZURE Cloud) or building a Cloud DW/Data Lake.

However, for organizations that have both Microsoft tools and an SAP footprint, leveraging them together to maximize benefit requires a strategic approach. This is especially true if you are using those tools to supplement or consolidate your overall data strategy. Building and executing that strategy requires business buy in and an ability show case a long-term vision.

Fortunately, TEK has a way to help by bringing best practices and cut down initial costs by: End Customer Investment Funds (ECIF).

TEK is an SAP and Microsoft Gold partner. We can bring expertise in both Microsoft and SAP to help you put a winning strategy together that will make the most out of your investments.

TEK Analytics can help you understand how you can provide business value by seamlessly integrating your Microsoft and SAP investments to reduce the total cost of ownership.

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